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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: May 21, 2019 3:43pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Spring tour 91 - Greensboro . 2 very good ones


Bruce is back, with his jumper cables . This is a good one . Everyone is in fine form .Vince is too high in the mix early on, but that gets fixed .
“Half Step” starts off a little unstable, but evolves into a big grand (de-o) version. Good omen . Sort of a crusin’ first set . The flow works well . “Cassidy” stands out, as does the “Might as Well”.
After a warm up “Samson” , we are in crusin’ mode again, with a long, breeze in the palm tress, sort of “Eye” . If you like these long relaxed versions, this one is the king . It , and the “Samson. are put as filler for Dick’s Picks 17 . Jerry, and Bruce are having a good time, and so am I . After 23 min. of this jam heavy song, we get 15 more of “Playing in the Band with a “Dark Star” tease near the end . I guess the realize they have been out there for long enough already, and the drummers take over . “Space” flows into “Wheel” with some nice interplay between Garcia, and Hornsby .The “Around” is unexpectedly early, for the usual show ender . And a good one it is, not a “time to go “version . Once again Bruce makes this one better than average .They even toss in JBG at the end .
The “Heaven’s Door” , is good, but I wish Bruce would have stayed on piano .
A contender for best show of the tour .
Highlights : Whole show is great, but the “Eyes>Playing” is exceptional .

The band starts this famous show with a big “Jack Straw”, Jerry is low in the mix to start, but that is fixed mid solo, but if you don’t like piano, you might not like this show … Part of Hornsby’s Dead reputation must have been built by the tapes of this show . I’m not alway ecstatic about everything here, for me this”It’s All Over Now” sound too fast, bur the the set is better than average . Exceptional is the “Bird Song”, clocking in at 16 min, shows how on there were this night . Frankly there is some amazing shit here . If you love the song, and are not allergic to midi flute you need to hear it .
Several people have commented that the second set is completely comprised of selections than could have been played on the Europe 72 tour . The “China>Rider “ continues the high level of “Bird Song” , Even this “Looks Like Rain” has enough great playing make it a treat . “Time to go to make believe land . Let’ pretend that Good King Jerry has invited his friend Bruce to play with Henrietta Pussycat, Daniel Striped Tiger the the rest to play a lot of beautiful, and scary music . For almost an hour a “Dark Star” sandwich with two slices of “Space” and a “Drums “ center . Maybe not at ,say, at 1972 level, but this is truly one of the best versions in the “revival “ period . One good sign is that they take a long time to get to the first verse . Also cool, is how they slide into the “Playing reprise”, to finish it from the previous night . Then a thoughtful “Black Peter” . Not a fan of Bobby’s “Lovelight”’s, but this one is not too shabby . The “Baby Blue” encore is perfect, except for the accordion, but even then it can’t really ruin it .
Have to say, good to very great show .
Highlights : “Birdsong” “China>Rider”, “Dark Star” sequence .

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Poster: Reade Date: May 22, 2019 4:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Greensboro . 2 very good ones

Jerry's solo on Peggy-O so gentle, delicate. A craftsman at work.

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Poster: c-freedom Date: May 28, 2019 12:37pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Greensboro . 2 very good ones

Your review on the Second Night of Greensboro is good stuff.
It was by that point in the band's career the equivalent
of a really ON night in the 70's or 80's
which by 91 in my opinion really ON nights were the rare exception.
I actually took in the Second Night in the cavernous hallway
that had some nice speakers set up by the band
The perfect dance till you drop situation.
Also would be remiss not to mention that Coliseum's
a very special old hall
build out of solid back in the day hard woods.and
looking like it would be able to withstand
whatever the Russians might have been bringing back in the 1950's
with its bunker re-barbed concrete.

I could just feel the history pulsing thru that place.

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Poster: stratocaster Date: May 22, 2019 8:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Greensboro . 2 very good ones

2 very good shows, both top five of 91....maybe

09-10, 03-21, 03-31, 04-01, 06-14, 06-17, 09-26